Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It has been exactly two weeks since I quit my job and started my enterpreneur´s carreer. But I can tell you it feels like a month! Just today, as I started to write this and taught I need to count from my calendar how many weeks it has been since my last day of ”real work”. I had to actually pinch myself. Only two weeks. Where did the time go? What did I achieve in that time?

I feel as though I should have acomplished more. This must be so common for us women. We need to have conquered Mount Everest within a week from starting our first climbing lesson. So unrealistic expectations. But can this be cured? Let me find out for you! I will keep you posted.

Talking about the emotions, I have been through all of them just within theese two weeks: joy, freedom, panic, despair, rediscovery, finding my mission in life and in business… you name it I´ve had it. Sometimes it feels so difficult to know what I should or should not do in a day. Where to start? And what time to start? Does my accountant need the papers today? What does the tax man want and when? Am I doing my marketing right? Whose order have I forgotten to deliver?

I can tell you this: these first weeks you are nothing but a huge question mark. This first column could have been just one question after another. I will find all the answers as I go along. One thing I have learned that you never know too much. You must become and be a information junkie. Read, read and, read and then again read a bit more.

Then you come to this: there are only 24 hours in a day. You just can not win, can you.

Anyway, let´s all enjoy the christmas and have a happy new year!


PS. This story will definetly be continued….

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