I read from a newspaper yesterday that there is weightloss advice in the bible: God does not count carbs! OK! Who was the clever one to come up with that?

I, on the other hand, have a fool proof way to loose some extra pounds: start up your own business. Either you are way too busy to eat or you are so sucked into the current subject in making that you just forget to eat. Either way, the food intake is minimal to zero.

Seriously speaking I´m not suggesting you stop eating to loose weight. That is the most unhealthiest way to go. I´m just wondering where all my time goes? Where are my 24 hours as promised?!?

If you are as busy as I am wouldn´t it be great to pinch some extra time from clothes shopping for example? If you knew all the right colours and styles you could just swish through the shops and find all you need and want in no time at all. That could save some time for exercise, the healthiest way to loose weight!

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