I got this sudden urge to share with you this “great” article in a freebie magazine. It is all about changeing your look by professional. Unfortunately she must have gotten a sylist, whos only goal is to promote the product, not to look what really suited this poor lady. The article did mention though that the stylist is in fact a colour cunsultant…

Anyway, back to this poor customer. She is so obviously LIGHT as can be with WARM undertones. Her top was spot on and suited her extremely well (light periwinkle blue). Then comes the BUT: smaller mistake was to put silver necklace on her. It was delicate enough not to stick out like a sore thumb. BUT the huge mistake was to put BLACK eye glasses on her. BLACK from all theese beautiful COLOURS in the world on a LIGHT lady?!?! The frames were coming right at you from the pages and the poor darling was left ten feet behind!

And this was actually PRINTED.

The colour consultant continued to tell us that this lady was analysed the colour season and colour personality. This way, she continued, the customer gets more accurate and personalised results. This is true as long as you know what you are doing. She was analysed to be SPRING (which I agree) but with WINTER colours she could add more sparkle in her appearance. Excuse me but what would a warm spring lady do with bright, cool colours of winter? To add insult to injury they kept telling that her new frames were very much suited to her colouring. At this point I was feeling very ill….

This brings me to the question: Why is it that when something is in fashion (black frames in this case) you need to put everyone and her mother in them? But this is another story and to be continued later.

At the end of the page was a coupon you could fill in and get “made up” yourself! Would you like to go…?

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