Come to Finland for christmas. You don´t even have to bring your teeth with you!

I was comparing christmas dinners with someone from England and she reminded me of the english menu of roasted turkey, roasted potatoes, roasted parsnips… everything roasted. This must be served with a bread sause and cranberry sause. Bread in a sauce? Excuse me? You ought to try serve cranberries to my husband and son. According to them the only thing it goes well with is the rubbish bin!

Then it was my turn to tell about the finnish traditions and I started with mushy potatoe casserole, mushy swede casserole, mushy carrots casserole… Is there anything not mushy in our christmas menu? Yes there is. The whole legg of a pork. But you can roast that into mushiness too. Been there, done that!

One traditional part of finnish menu, at least in our family, is loads of fish; herring, salmon and not to leave out the lutefisk (see your dictionary for more smelly details). If you happen to hate fish you propably would miss half of your christmas dinner. Over at our house you would not go hungry provided you like pork. Then again if you are a fish hating jewish person, you´d better be vegetarian and survive with the two salads on offer.

After consuming the hearty dinner comes dessert. In England bread and butter puddig & christmas cake, carefully marinated in alcohol for months. And they say we are the drunken ones! At least we don´t waste it on soaking a bunn!!! Ok, fair enough, our after dinner is prune soup with cream! Touche´!

christmas 071 01 thm Have a very mushy christmas and a roasty new year!

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