Purrrrrr…..says the cat!

I am so fired up to write about current trends on offer. Recently I´ve seen so many writings and articles, both in English and Finnish, about what suits and who. Not to leave out the ”must” lists of ”How everyone must have something orange” and ”LBD is a must for the new year”… All this BAD advice!

This makes me wonder who do people TRUST? How are they supposed to know who to believe? Who will give them the best advice?

I would not know either. Here I am, trying to educate ladies about colour and style, fighting against the wind mills of the media.

One good advice I can give: go and see a professional image consultant personally. She will show YOU from the mirror what looks good on YOU. She will take YOU by the hand and guide through all the obsticles thrown at you. Because you are worth it… (sorry LÓreal!)

Now, what has my cat to do with all this? She is actually literally lying down on my computer keyboard and makeing this writing so darn difficult. Please don´t mind my spelling mistakes. They are caused by my cat…   (as if).


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