We are going to make you look 10 years younger!

This is what they claim on TV shows and sometimes do achieve the goal and go even further than just ten years. But I´dd have to say it is mostly because of the TV presenter asking you to evaluate a person obviously dressed in her most uggliest clothes and sporting even a dirty hair. How can you look under 100 styled that way?

Then when she is brought back, again obviously done up, people are bound to crack under pressure and guess her age much lower than what they honeslty think. I have seen people looking so 50 been said to look 25 years old. I would suggest to the evaluator to get some prescription glasses, and fast!

Anyway, the most that has bothered me is the fact that the subject of this huge change has not been very happy about it. I have seen 2 shows this week and in both cases the lady was not very happy with the colours she was put into. To my oppinion her change was too drastic and too fast. You can not expect a person to digest that much information in such a shot time.

In the first program the lady just hated colour, absolutely hated brights and prints. Yet these ”experts” insisted she must have some. I could see in her eyes ”Just wait until this is over and I get home…” She will NEVER wear them. She will never do shopping according to their advice (good or bad). So, what was the use of the whole exersice? Just to make her feel uncomfortable and ridicule her on TV?

The other lady in New Zeeland got so drastic make over that she was crying out of desperation. Again you could see in her eyes the cry for help and rebellion.This lady too will not ever put the information she received in use and I bet she has dyed her hair blonde once more and thrown away the hidious prints she hated.

Maybe in both cases tough the ladies DID actually LOOK better to the viewer but THEY DID NOT LIKE THE RESULTS THEM SELVES!

My point is that all the makeovers, colous, style evaluations, hair cuttings etc. MUST be done so that the customer FEELS COMFORTABLE. She has to understand why this is good or better than the old one. She must be able to live with the new self. She must love the results. And most importantly she needs to do the changes in her own good time. Otherwise it is going to end up being ”the fakeover” (as seen below!)

fakeover Fakeover

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