This morning, as I had my day off, was feeling very productive and here is the result of the Finnish jury…

So, we have a new fashion fad coming up: oversized sweaters.

I read from an article that ‘regardless of bodyshape, from time to time, we feel the need to hide under a lovely big sweater.’

  • tday01 Don´t wear it! If you are a fuller-figured person and you get this urge to hide under a big jumper, please do not go out of that front door!
  • If you are a fuller-figured person, using a big oversized jumper will make you look HUGE!

It does not by any means look fabulous like ‘they’ claim it will. And to top it all with tight, figure-hugging leggings is an absolute no-no!

Best thing for a fuller figure actually is very well-cut and shaped clothing balanced with nicely-fitted and straight-legged trousers (no gathered or pleated waists). This way you will NOT emphasize your upper body. With a bulky jumper and leggings, it is too easy to create a ‘lollipop’ effect.

I went back in time and looked at my original 80′s photos when this WAS the fashion thing to do. I must tell you that back then I resembled a toothpick. My goodness me, I looked hilarious! My waistline is a bit on the long side and that leaves my legs on the short side. To put an oversized jumper on with leggings, I looked like a …. Well, you can imagine, I´m sure, WHAT I looked like!

This oversized jumper is not just a problem for a fuller figure but also for us toothpicks with no legs as well. Yet still our glossy fashion magazines want us ALL to wear this and even tell us that we would look good in it too.

The only conclusion I can make of this is that now we have found yet another reason to go and have our style analysis done professionally! Not to mention our colours…

This article was edited by Kim Bolsover founder of Improvability colour and style UK

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