Current fashion dogtooth-print (or weave) was shown in one article as suiting everyone. Once again one of theese great sentences in a fashion article: suites everyone. What a dangerous thing to say. There are a few important points to consider about this print before you go rushing to the next shop to buy yourself one.

Point number one: You mostly and almost all the time see this print in only in black and white. This colour combination only looks good on winters and brights. You also need the style personality to carry this off, but I won´t even get into that now. If you are warm or autumn you should keep at arms length from this colour combo. You might be able to save this somehow with a great coloured scarf but that might look a bit of a mess if you don´t do it carefully. Fortunately you sometimes find dogtooth weaved in colour too (see picture number 2).

article 2074255 0F2E06D200000578 368 306x581 158x300 DogstoothThe second point: This print is very graphic and for curvy shapes it will most certainly look a bit odd (to say the least). Could add a few pounds here and here. Graphic prints look better worn by straighter figures, and I am not talking about the bossom here.

To illustrate theese points Gwyneth Paltrow is wearing dogtooth and for her shape it suits well. But when you look at the colour it is not her best. She is too light for black and white print. Great styling point though to put bright red shoes with the outfit. Looks fab!


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suora mekko 2011 133x300 Dogstooth(Picture nr.2) Good colour for warms & autums but the style only flatters straight figures with long necks. Sorry!

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