There was an article about me and my colour & style business in the local news paper. I had a reporter as my client and very good client she really was because she did not have a clue about the colours and clothes that would suit her. It was a great journey, even though for only two evenings, to discovering her potential and to see in her face the ”I´ve got it now” expression.

For the pictures in the paper I dressed her in badly suited colours and totally wrong style and for the other picture I had her wearing great colours and completely her style clothing. Here I must thank the local Benetton boutique in Rauma for letting us use her excellent supply of clothing…(thank you Heidi!!!). My model fell in love with the trousers I picked up for her. I think she went and bought them afterwards. I had fun and I believe so did she. We both learned a lot.

After the artice was published someone commented the article on the text message column that the colour and style was total waste of money and time. ”How did we manage before we had all these consultants.” A rightfull question! And my answer to this person is that if you go shopping for clothes without knowing the right colours and styles for you it is so much more difficult. And you ought to think the ammount of money you safe. You can leave all the unsuited ones to the shop (even if the shop assistant tells you that it looks absolutely fabulous on you…NOT!)

Colour and style analysis is NOT waste of time and money. On the contrary! It will save your hard earned cash and save even more valuable time. And is it not nicer to look at a well dressed and confident person versus someone with trousers hanging the middway to the knees and that is exactly where their confidence lies too. Think of these two persons going for the same job interview. Which one do you think is going to get the job?

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