I´m glad celebrities make mistakes so we can all try to learn from them and avoid them too. These samples show that even though the dress can be absolutely fabulous, it does not suit the one wearing it. And more often than not the accusing finger points to the direction of the stylist. Can I just ask: why don´t you take into consederation the colours? The cold hard fact is that all the colours do not suit all the people. See for your self.

102611 Sarah Jessica Parker 290 150x300 Celebrities 2010092210 sarah jessica parker 226 144x300 Celebrities 2010 Can I suggest that she looks older and a bit grayish on the black outfit. Neutral brown looks much better on a soft/muted person and let´s her skin look youthfull. Black, in fact, is a very hard to wear colour for her.(Style is not being judged this time)





050611 jennifer aniston 2901 150x300 Celebrities 2010101811 Jennifer Aniston 290 150x300 Celebrities 2010OK. So maybe you didn´t see the differebce there. How about here? The orange is wearing Jennifer, not the otherway arround as it should be. It even makes her look orange. But grey complements her skin and eye colour nicely and makes her glow. Again I´m not saying anything about the syle but do notice that even if you get the style a bit wrong the colour can affect your face a lot. Look young or old, yellow or radiant.


042211 gwyneth paltrow 290 150x300 Celebrities 2010050311 gwyneth paltrow 290 150x300 Celebrities 2010I saved the easiest for the last. On the left you can only see the dress, not who´s wearing it. The acidity of the yellow jumps right at you. Surely this was not the desired outcome. On the right Gwyneth looks absolutely fabulous! This is excellently put together and complelety in harmony with her (even the style!)




So, can you see what colour can do to you and me? It can make us look like zombies or on the other hand like million dollars. And I haven´t even started about combining different colours together…

Wishing you all the right colours for the new year!


Gorgeous pictures by In Style-magazine!

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