I´m sitting here in my office in the back room of our house and someone has just stolen my door! How can I concentrate when the cat is walking all over my papers? Ladies and gentlemen: next season´s hottest fashion colour is… muddy paws!

I was asked by my mentor and teacher Kim Bolsover from Improvability about my first colour analysis. This happened a million years ago when I was about seventeen. It was a modeling course and looking back I am not sure what her credentials were for doing colour analysis in the first place.

The analysis was very short lived. I was draped up to my ears and then presented a colour wallet. Spring! I was supposed to be spring! [At this point my mentor Kim nearly had to be resuscitated at the thought of me in daffodil yellow, and the very idea of me wearing polka dots made her an even larger gin than normal.]

Her next question obviously was if I was happy with the result.

No, no and no. I didn´t understand what she was telling me. I didn´t like the colours one bit. She didn´t even bother to ask me if I liked them or not. I was just told that I was a spring. Full stop! How was I supposed to go to the shops with that miniscule piece of information? Where was the question of my favourite colours? Where was the information about how to use the wallet? What was the use when I didn´t even like the damn colours.

Just pushed out to the cold world, alone.

After my personal horror story I have made a solemn promise that I will NOT treat my customers this way, ever!

Yours Truly,


Must admit I did try the colours out for one week. I felt absolutely sick and stopped the experiment. Afterwards went to study fashion design in London and wore the ubiquitous black from head to toe for the last 900 years. And guess what? IT SUITS ME!

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elli kivikossa 300x225 My office

The culprit! But one thing is for sure; she did not steel that door! And I did get it back eventually.


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